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  • Arein, Palestinian

    UWC Adriatic 2019

    Arein graduated from UWC Adriatic in 2019 and is currently doing a BS in Computer Engineering at Case Western University (USA). Whilst studying at UWC Adriatic she participated in the Youth Inspiring Change conference, taught primary school children about Palestinian culture and performed dabke dance in cultural shows.

    At Case Western Reserve University she is combining her interests of computer engineering and art in order to become a digital animator and a story teller. Her aim is to present an alternative, factual perspective of the Palestinian issue.

    “The Horizon Foundation takes credit for all the wonderful and impactful experiences that I had as a UWC student. It granted me life-changing support.”

  • Tenzin K, Tibetan

    Rugby School 2013

    Tenzin graduated from Rugby School in 2013, completed a BA in Physics at the University of Maastricht in 2017 and an MSc in Medical Physics at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2020. He is currently doing a PhD, also at UBC, where his research focuses on the early detection of lung cancer. Whilst at Maastricht, Tenzin organised a charity fundraising event for a Tibetan school in India.

    He told us: “My Horizon scholarship was the most important thing that has ever happened to me. I feel grateful every single day and it turned me into a very confident person”.
  • Christine, Syrian

    UWC Maastricht 2019

    Christine graduated from UWC Maastricht in 2019 and is currently studying for a BA Arts and Humanities at Bard College (Germany). During her time at UWC Maastricht, Christine held an exhibition of her artwork which explored the idea of belonging and identity and was a reconstruction of experiences she lived through in Syria.

    After completing her UWC studies, Christine took a gap year focused on cultural immersion. She spent six months with Global Citizen Year in Senegal where she apprenticed as a tailor and as an English teaching assistant, and learnt the Wolof language (pictured with her tailoring supervisor Tante Marie).

    “Horizon provided me with the space and peace of mind to be able to focus on my studies and I am enormously thankful for that.”
  • Tran, Vietnamese

    UWC Atlantic 2010

    Tran graduated from UWC Atlantic College. She obtained a BA Economics and Finance from Middlebury College and was placed in the top 10% of graduates. In 2014, she started and taught an online soft skill class for over 80 students in Vietnam. Tran is now pursuing an MBA at the University of Chicago and plans to improve education through technology in Vietnam.

    “My Horizon scholarship gave me the chance to experience the most culturally diverse environment in which I learned to embrace differences. Because excellent education transformed my life, I became involved in education technology. My hope is that through ed-tech students anywhere, even those with less access to good schooling, can benefit from better education.”
  • Wassim, Palestinian from Lebanon

    Eton College 2016

    Wassim is an Eton College graduate and obtained an MEng from the University of Cambridge in 2020. Whilst at university, Wassim volunteered with a Cambridge refugee aid group translating documents for refugee charities across Europe. He was also involved in a BAME academic mentorship scheme which aims to bridge the attainment gap for ethnic minorities at Cambridge. Wassim is currently working as a Data Scientist with the Financial Conduct Authority in London.

    “I would not have been able to achieve everything I’ve done without Horizon’s support. I hope one day I can change the lives of young Palestinians just like Horizon has changed mine”.
  • Ameed, Palestinian

    UWC Atlantic 2012

    Ameed graduated from UWC Atlantic College. He completed a BSc in Chemistry at New York University Abu Dhabi, graduating with honours. He obtained two research fellowships at the NYU Centre for Neural Science and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2017, he was awarded a Chevening Scholarship for an MSc in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship at University College London. Ameed aspires to take a leading role in science and entrepreneurship in Palestine.

    “The Horizon scholarship was a transformative one. It has enabled me to access the best education worldwide and it has inspired me to seek purposeful leadership in whatever I do.”

  • Asifa, Afghan

    UWC Atlantic 2019

    Asifa graduated from UWC Atlantic in 2019 and is now studying for a BS in Business Administration at the Methodist University (USA). Whilst at UWC Atlantic, Asifa enjoyed sharing her culture with fellow students and conducted a workshop about life in Afghanistan in which she challenged misconceptions about her country. She is keen to work in the field of Business when she completes her studies.

    “Horizon gave me a precious opportunity to experience diversity and live with people from different backgrounds. I was able to share my Afghan culture and traditions with fellow students as well as learning about theirs. I now wish to contribute to community development in Afghanistan.”
  • Mohamed, Syrian

    UWC Thailand (current)

    Mohamed is a first year student at UWC Thailand. He was born in Syria but his family now lives in Lebanon due to the conflict. The Syrian tragedy has made him passionate about the issues of human rights and child labour. Mohammed enjoys martial arts and hopes to become a heart surgeon.

    "I am so happy and lucky to be part of the UWC/Horizon community and have access to such an opportunity. My scholarship is a new start. It will put me on the path to success and enable me to fulfil my dreams.”
  • Tenzin C, Tibetan

    UWC Atlantic, 2018

    Tenzin graduated from UWC Atlantic in 2018 and is currently studying Environmental Science and Global Health at Duke University, USA. Whilst at UWC, Tenzin was selected by the World Literacy Foundation as a Youth Ambassador. At Duke, she has participated in a pilot Bass Connection project and spent the summer of 2019 in Ghana researching the physiological health effects of mercury exposure caused by gold mining activities. Tenzin is currently a Global Shaper at the Raleigh Hub of the World Economic Forum.

    “Without Horizon, I wouldn't have achieved everything that I achieved. In terms of personal development, I have grown into a more mature and holistically better individual. I have a goal to be my level best, help my community and the world at large. Horizon was my best bet enabling me to meet my goals".

  • Rohid, Afghan

    Eton College, 2015

    Rohid completed his studies at Eton College in 2015. He is now studying Medicine at the University of Leeds and an MSc in Anatomy and Education at Hull York Medical School.

    At Eton, Rohid played at academy level for a rugby Super League team, competed at national and international level in mixed martial arts and won a national kickboxing tournament. At university, he was involved in Unorthobox which introduces disabled children to boxing. Rohid recently received the Silverside Award for a research abstract on the links between disposable household income and adult obesity.

    "The Horizon Scholarship was an exceptional opportunity. It gave me the freedom to pursue both my academic and sporting interests and I was also welcomed into the wider Horizon family that has felt like a second home since."


New Partnership with Latymer Upper School

Horizon is pleased to announce a new addition to its UK partner schools. From 2020/21 the Foundation will support a refugee student to complete her studies at Latymer Upper School in London.  Our new scholar is an accomplished kick boxer and a talented musician. She has settled in well at her new school and has already made lively contributions to music lessons, during which she was able to explain to her classmates some of the different instruments that are played in the Middle East.

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Horizon Scholars 2020-21

The Horizon Foundation is pleased to announce that in 2020-21 it will be supporting 26 scholars to complete their high school studies. This number comprises 13 new, and 13 continuing, scholars. Despite all of the difficulties caused by the pandemic in the run up to new school year, all scholars have arrived safely and have settled into their studies.  Nineteen scholars are attending UWC’s international schools, two scholars joined Eton College and Latymer Upper School in the UK and the remaining five scholars enrolled in the Amala high school programme in Jordan.

Tenzin D. (above) from Tibet began his Horizon sponsored studies at UWC Atlantic in 2020.

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Amala High School Diploma Programme

Horizon is delighted to be supporting five students, all Syrian refugees, on the Amala High School Diploma Programme. The Amala programme launched in Jordan in June 2020 in response to the lack of secondary education provision for refugees and leads to a recognised high school diploma. Amala has also been establishing progression pathways for its students which will enable them to continue to university studies on completion of the diploma.


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