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Horizon Scholar Development Fund

The Scholar Development Fund (SDF) provides additional support to enhance Horizon students’ study experience and community engagement at school, university and post-university. This funding is limited to scholars who have received support from the Horizon Foundation for their high school studies.

The SDF is delivered through three funding streams, each with its own set of criteria and application procedure:

The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) encourages Horizon scholars at school and university to promote cross-cultural understanding at their educational institutions, in their host communities and back home. Projects may include events showcasing dance or songs, film screenings, awareness-raising, and short-term community projects led by the scholars.

University Support: The Horizon Foundation aims to address the diverse needs that its scholars may encounter when preparing for university or completing university undergraduate studies. This support bridges funding gaps that cannot be filled by other scholarship sources.  University Support is available only to scholars who received a Horizon scholarship for their high school studies.

Seed Community Projects: The Horizon Foundation may support its scholars with seed funding should they endeavour to set up projects serving their communities back home. Horizon scholars will have the opportunity to apply for seed funding through a competitive process after they graduate from university, have gained some work experience and have been back home/in the region for two years or longer. A competitive selection process screens for projects that are youth-led and responsive to key community needs, particularly in the fields of education and mental health.

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