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  • Ameed, Palestinian

    UWC Atlantic College 2012

    Ameed graduated from UWC Atlantic College. He completed a BSc in Chemistry at New York University Abu Dhabi, graduating with honours. He obtained two research fellowships at the NYU Centre for Neural Science and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2017, he was awarded a Chevening Scholarship for an MSc in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship at University College London. Ameed aspires to take a leading role in science and entrepreneurship in Palestine.

    “The Horizon scholarship was a transformative one. It has enabled me to access the best education worldwide and it has inspired me to seek purposeful leadership in whatever I do.”
  • Mai, Palestinian

    UWC Atlantic College 2009

    After graduating from UWC Atlantic College, Mai obtained a BA in Politics and International Studies from the University of Exeter in 2013. On completion of her studies, she returned to Palestine and is now working with marginalised communities as a Youth Project Officer for ActionAid Palestine.

    "My Horizon scholarship gave me the opportunity to be different and to have a bright future. It changed my lifestyle, my way of thinking and my confidence."
  • Mohamad, Palestinian refugee from Lebanon

    Eton College 2012

    Mohamad graduated from Eton College and then went to University College London. He obtained a BEng in Civil Engineering (2015) and an MSc in Civil Engineering with Distinction (2016). He won the Integrated Design Project of the Year 2016 awarded by the Institution of Structural Engineers and was a Harding Prize Finalist (British Tunnelling Society of the Institute of Civil Engineers). Mohamad is currently a civil engineer at Mott MacDonald in the UK.

    “Horizon gave me the opportunity to obtain a high quality education and have a better understanding of other cultures. Without Horizon I would probably be unemployed.”
  • Tran, Vietnamese

    UWC Atlantic College 2010

    Tran graduated from UWC Atlantic College. She obtained a BA Economics and Finance from Middlebury College and was placed in the top 10% of graduates. In 2014, she started and taught an online soft skill class for over 80 students in Vietnam. Tran is now pursuing an MBA at the University of Chicago and plans to improve education through technology in Vietnam.

    “My Horizon scholarship gave me the chance to experience the most culturally diverse environment in which I learned to embrace differences. Because excellent education transformed my life, I became involved in education technology. My hope is that through ed-tech students anywhere, even those with less access to good schooling, can benefit from better education.”
  • Tenzin, Tibetan

    UWC Maastricht 2015

    Tenzin graduated from UWC Maastricht. Whilst at school she participated in an International Peace Conference and worked to spread awareness of Tibetan history. She is currently registered for a BA in Biology at Macalester College.

    “My Horizon scholarship made a huge difference to my life. I not only received a better education but also met people from different parts of the world. This helped me grow as a person and understand other viewpoints and differences.”
  • Majd, Syrian

    UWC Mostar (current)

    Majd is completing his final year at UWC Mostar. He is a keen photographer and recently exhibited some of his work at an arts festival. Some of the photographs on the Horizon website were taken by Majd.

    “The Horizon scholarship has changed my life forever. It has provided me with the education I always wanted and a good environment in which to study. I didn't have that in Syria."


Horizon Reunion in London

In February 2019, Horizon held a lunch at Noura restaurant in London for its scholars, staff, trustees and supporters. Twenty-nine people attended the reunion including twelve, mainly UK based, scholars. It was a great opportunity for students, old and new, to share their news, network and meet friends of the Foundation.

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Horizon Reunion in Beirut

In December 2018, Horizon hosted a gathering for its scholars at Unite Lebanon Youth Project in Beirut. The event was attended by Horizon’s CEO and seven Horizon scholars all of whom were visiting family in Lebanon over the winter break. The scholars, who are studying in educational institutions around the world, welcomed the opportunity to meet each other and exchange experiences.
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Horizon Scholar on Al Jazeera

In 2011, Al Jazeera’s Witness  series featured the story of Palestinian refugee, Mohamad Fahed who was awarded a Horizon scholarship to attend Eton College.  In 2018, Al Jazeera’s Rewind caught up with Mohamad to find out what had become of him.  To read more about this story or view the documentary please click here.

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