Tenzin Kunkyab

Tibet to Rugby School, UK

Kunkyab was selected from a pool of outstanding international applicants to receive this new scholarship and continues a tradition of Tibetan students attending Rugby that began nearly 100 years ago. The Foundation is thrilled to add Kunkyab to our expanding family of exceptional scholars; he commences his studies in September, beginning Horizon's exciting new relationship with Rugby School.

kunkyab's own message:
"I am immensely privileged to be selected to study in one of the finest schools of our time. Yet with this privilege comes huge responsibility. I will be representing my country, Bhoe (Tibet), amongst students who aspire to lead the world, make history or create a change in their own way. It means a lot to me to be able to join them. Though I am a bit anxious about the environment there, or should I say, the perseverance I will need to have to succeed.

I will not hesitate any amount of hard work and adversities because I know ultimately it's not only for me, I carry the hopes of so many people along my journey to Rugby School. I shall give it my best shot to turn out the best and make all their hopes worthwhile. By the kind generosity and kindness shown to us in the midst of darkness, I owe my greatest thanks to the family of Horizon Foundation."