Le Tran Huyen

Vietnam to Atlantic College, UK

"My name is Tran Le, from Vietnam. Before having scholarship to UWC of the Atlantic, I studied in a math class in my city, a great course which required hard studying. But since I was a child, I always like to go to many places to know more about the world. The community where I lived seemed too small, for what I want to do, and what I desire to see.

The first time I went abroad was when I joined 'making film competition' in Japan for two weeks. It was such a great impression that I will never forget. But at that time, for me, studying abroad was just a dream!

I would not be here, about to realise my dream, if I didn't get the chance to go to the UK and join the UWC system. Two years in the UK was the hardest two years in my life. Without any English, I struggled to overcome all the difficulties. Things I learned in those two years, I couldn’t learn for 17 years before.

Now, I'm confident to continue studying in the US. My dream has been becoming stronger and stronger. I want to have my own English magazine for Vietnamese teenagers in the future. This dream come from my willing to help more students in Vietnam know about the world, to combine my hobbies of art and craft, and to unite students from different part of the world.

Thanks for Horizontal Foundation, I had a chance to travel and understand more about students all around the world, which give me experience and shape my dream."