Kesey Sa

Cambodia to Atlantic College, UK

"Horizon Changed My Life. My name is Kesey Sar, from Cambodia. I was very lucky to attend a unique school called United World College in Wales, UK. It is a wonderful place that gave me experience and knowledge from around the globe.

In my last year of high school all the seniors tried to find scholarships to study abroad to get a better quality education. I heard about the United World College scholarship competition. I was very excited. During the selection process I really enjoyed all the discussions and group activities. It was different from any experience I have had before. It was just the start of my next two years life, the life full of excitement, passion, cooperation, exploration, and enlightenment. None of it would have happened if I did not get help from the Horizon foundation.

United World College is a really special place: it is designed to give the best education to students who cannot afford to go to a good school. I am one of them. My life would have been very different if Horizon did not help finance the study there. I am very grateful for Horizon because they gave me a chance to find out more about the world, about myself, and gave me a chance to continue my dream. It was a completely different chapter of my life. I learned how to make friends and live in a community with great diversity; I have been informed about world events; and I was involved in student clubs connected to Amnesty, Save the Children, and UNICEF.

Moreover, United World College has enriched my life through community services and extra-curriculum activities. This is the most fun part because I like to interact with other people and go on new adventures, among them were mountain boarding, sand sledging, archery, orientation, caving, kayaking and wall-climbing. Most of all I had the chance to travel and discover places like France, Germany, and various parts of England.

Without Horizon's help I would not have had the chance to experience any of these activities or get such a great education. Most of all I would not know how big the world is without all my international friends out there. Horizon has done a wonderful job in giving this unique chance to me and other students. The world will be much better with Horizon's help. Thanks for everything!"