Derar Ayoush

Palestine to Atlantic College, UK

"My name is Derar Ayoush, a Palestinian who had a very normal and boring life in the West Bank where the opportunities were very limited. Every chance of doing something new or challenging seemed out of reach.

Before I got involved with Horizon I could see the plan of my life laid out in front of me - finishing high school then going to the university that is 20 mintes away from my house because my parents wouldn't be able to pay for me to go elsewhere. The I'd get a normal, boring job in my city. Even that wouldn't have been easy because there'd be hundreds of people graduating at the same time with the same certificate for a very limited number of jobs.

My life-changing point was when I knew the Horizon Foundation was willing to sponsor me to attend one of the prestigious international schools in the world. Only then I felt I could actually challenge myself and make a difference. Now I can see there are many opportunities open to me, I just have to take the initiative. my life changed radically as I gained so much from my experience at Atlantic College, it changed me a lot. I am more involved in community, more globally aware and a more rounded individual. I take this opportunity to thank the Horizon Foundation for giving me that unforgettable experience. I will be forever grateful."