Dany Jradi

Lebanon to Eton, UK

"Three years ago I went to a local day school in Tyre, south Lebanon. Until then I lived in Tyre my entire life and in my final year I planned to apply for a university place in Beirut. Then the chance came to pave the road for a better university career. By mere coincidence I heard of the Horizon scholarship that was offered to a boy from the Middle East to study in sixth form at Eton College in the United Kingdom. It did not take me long to realise this was more than a coincidence, it was an opportunity.

Two years at Eton College was probably the toughest experience I ever had to go through, nevertheless, the most enjoyable and rewarding one. To this very moment I remember my first hour at Eton when I stood outside the history department wearing my tailored school uniform, carrying nothing but a map and timetable and thinking I have about 600 years of tradition to catch up with! The Horizon Foundation ensured I had a fabulous two years ahead, not only by providing me with a chance for a new experience everyday at Eton, but by being there to support me at all times.

I never regretted one moment I spent away from home. Although I was now adapting to a new lifestyle, I never felt too far away from what I was used to for I was living in an environment which in every way encouraged me. When I think there is someone out there willing to pay every last penny for my education and not get anything out of it, I am always motivated to progress forwards and not draw back. In the end, all the hard work reaped its rewards; because of the Horizon Foundation's role in my life and all the incentive I received from its founders, I was able to earn an offer from Harvard University. This was the biggest leap in my life, literally and metaphorically.

After this achievement I felt more than ever bonded to the Horizon Foundation; it has helped me shape my life. As I meet others who have had this great honour of being under the wing of the Foundation I feel I am a member of a greater family. I know we are all joined by the same noble cause that has got us where we are today. I can only hope that my next four years at Harvard will be the beginning of the realisation of my ambition - that I will be as generous to others as others have been generous to me."